How We Met / About Shmel

Shaun and I met while working at Family Video.  I was a part-time peon and Shaun was a manager in training.  We started hanging out casually as friends and then he got transferred to Ohio and we talked on the phone non-stop.  After a few months of a long distance relationship, I moved out to Ohio in August 2006 and did not like it at all.  Shaun, being the loving boyfriend and wanting the best for me, said "Let's move back home".  So we did!!  We have been together since.  Shaun is still managing at Family Video and I got my old job as a legal secretary back.  We bought our house in November 2007 and couldn't be happier! 

Shaun + Melissa = Shmel!  We were setting up our own team for a volleyball league and needed a clever name.  One day it just popped into my head:  SHMEL!!  So ever since it stuck. 


On our second anniversary, April 2008, we went out to eat and then went home.  I decided we should take our furbaby, Sadie for a walk and go to our favorite ice cream spot.  Shaun was trying to act normal but I could tell something was up when he kept getting phone calls.  After we got our ice cream, he said we should walk to the park near our house.  We got to this little island with a bench.  As were getting closer to the bench I mentioned to him that someone left their blanket and stuff there, he's like "oh yeah I guess so."  As we got much closer, I said "Hey, that's my blanket!".  When we got to the bench, he had a basket with wine and strawberries which he had someone from his work drop off.  We popped the wine open and he toasted.  He then went around to the side of me and was sort of behind me and he was crouching down (he had to control Sadie) and he said "What do you think about putting a real ring on your finger for when we go out to your parents this weekend?"  I was like "are you serious!!!"  I usually know about everything and he did this all by himself without me knowing.   Of course, I said yes and cried after I got over the initial shock.

The Wedding Plan

We enjoyed our engagement for a couple months and then after much bugging by family members, we set a date: 
April 24, 2010.  We wanted to keep it close to our dating anniversary as possible.  We will get married in the Catholic church where i grew up in Medford, Wisconsin.  Shaun is going to be going through the process to become Catholic during the winter of 2008/2009.




Purple, Sage Green, Lilac