Church / Reception Hall

Both the ceremony and reception will be held at the church where I was baptized and confirmed.  Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Medford, Wis.


Rockman's Catering, Stevens Point, WI:


Brown Street Studios, Becky Carpenter, Rhinelander, WI:

We met with Becky on 6/16/09 and were completely impressed with her as a person and as a photographer.  It was a complete 360 from Callie.  I'm looking forward to working with her and getting some AWESOME shots!

Callie Crass Photography, Stevens Point, WI:

We had our engagement session with Callie and I was very disappointed.  We decided to cancel her services due to her tardiness, lack of creativity, and simply not meshing very well with her.  Upon receiving our cancellation letter, she in turn wrote a very bitter letter back to us, never apologizing.  Grade:  D


Sara's Custom Video, Stevens Point, WI:
We've heard nothing but good things about Sara.  We are hoping she'll do a great job for us as well!


Escapades - Van Patrick Gotz and Rick Armond, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  So excited to be able to track these guys down as they did my sister's wedding over 10 years ago and they were excellent!


Nicolette Make-up Artistry.

She did my make-up for my best friend's wedding and did an awesome job! Also did my make-up for both of my e-pic sessions.  She does such a great job!

TA for Honeymoon

Nancy Finn - Island Getaways: